Tips When Buying A Sapphire Engagement Ring

Next to diamond, sapphire is one of the most favorite precious stones for engagement rings. The iconic deep blue sapphire stone such as the one present in the engagement ring worn by Princess Diana become more popular as it adds a pop of color and pizzazz to any engagement ring. The deep blue color of the blue sapphire is due to the presence of iron and titanium in the stone. However, there are other traces of colors of sapphire such as the pink ones which has traces of nitrogen in the mineral. There are two main aspects when buying a sapphire engagement ring. First is the hue or the color of the stone which determines how expensive the stone will be and the blemishes which affects the clarity and reflective qualities of the gem. Here are other useful tips in buying a engagement rings in Sydney with sapphire gemstone accent, check out here.

1. Your Color Preference
Aside from the iconic blue sapphire, there are a variety of colors to choose from. While medium to deep blue is the most valued color of the stone, other colors consist of pink, yellow and green. Pink sapphire is also one of the most preferred colors for engagement rings. Whatever color you choose for sapphire stone, you can be sure that it will be beautiful.
2. Getting the Right Size
Since you will be buying a sapphire ring for your engagement, one should consider the size of the stone that sits on the ring. Like diamonds, the price of the ring gets higher as the carat weight of the stone increases. A standard sapphire size is 6mm, although it comes in a variety of sizes from tiny to large gemstone that sparkles. Choose a slightly smaller carat weight if you opt to save money on your engagement ring but if you have the budget, splurge on a larger ones.
3. Setting is Important
The setting of sapphire stone to the ring is just as important as the stone itself. It completes the overall look of the wedding rings custom made so it is important to choose high quality setting so it will be beautiful. You can choose on the variety of setting style such as inlays or pave. For added appeal, you can go for fancy prongs instead of the standard ones. Best of all, select a metal band that would further enhance the allure of the ring.
4. Accent Gems
Sapphire engagement rings often feature diamond accents and engravings for added complexity. One of the popular choices for sapphire engagement ring is the three stone sapphire and diamond combination that features a center sapphire stone flanked by two diamonds in either side. Another popular sapphire- diamond combination is the halo ring featuring a center sapphire surrounded by tiny diamonds. However, engagement rings with solo sapphire stone have a distinct charm that allows the eye to be drawn toward the sparkling gem.
5. Know Your Price Range
It is important to be realistic with your budget when buying a sapphire engagement ring. Keeping a set price range allows you to choose the right engagement ring at an ideal price. Sapphire ring prices vary from very affordable to very expensive, thus, your options are bigger than other precious stones.
Giving an engagement ring is a big step and making the right choice is imperative. So choose the perfect engagement ring to your partner and you will never go wrong to your happily ever after.